Meet SEPTEMBER's Surf Brand Ambassador, Jordan!

by Erika Togashi September 19, 2023 3 min read

Q&A with Jordan

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our new Brand Ambassador, Jordan, for an inspiring chat about her incredible surfing journey, her life in Indonesia, and all her personal favorites.

Jordan joined SEPTEMBER earlier in 2023. She now lives and works as a surf coach in Indonesia but hails originally from Canada.


Female Surfer with a rainbow


Q. Could you tell us a bit about what brought you to Indonesia?

Definitely the waves and there is just something about South East Asia that resonates within me. 

Q. When did you first start surfing and what does surfing mean to you? 

I first tried surfing in a very thick wetsuit in the Pacific North West, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. Surfing for me is an intimacy with nature and the natural world. It is my greatest passion in life. A way to connect and focus my energy in something I love. It's my life's ultimate adventure where I get to travel, explore, and geek out on everything ocean-related, from waves to coastlines, and all the cool stuff in between!

Q. How has your passion for surfing influenced your lifestyle and career choices?

Surfing has changed my life big time! It brought me to the ocean and sparked my travel curiosity. I've chased waves all around the world, met incredible people, and embraced countless diverse experiences. I'm a surf coach for over 16 years now and have dedicated my life to surfing, coaching and living by the ocean. 

Q. What about surf coaching brings you the most joy?

I love that my office is the ocean. Sharing my love for surfing and coaching with others lights up my heart! It’s a beautiful thing and brings me so much joy to see clients progress and have so much fun riding waves.


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Q. What do you appreciate most about the island of Lombok?

Lombok is a dream! It has the best waves, breathtaking beauty, and the locals are all about sharing smiles like it's their favorite thing to do!

Q. Do you have a favorite morning routine?

Listening to the birds, meditation, stretching, coffee = GO! 

Q. Tell us about your favorite food (Indonesian and non-Indonesian)

Indonesian treats? Absolutely love Balinese Pumpkin Curry and West Sumatra Beef Rendang! And when I'm in Canada, hand picked fresh garden salads with herbs, edible flowers and plants and mushrooms picked in the forest!

Q. What do you love the most in the world?

That's easy! My family, nature, friends, surfing, dancing and music. 

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Q. SEPTEMBER is a sustainable swimwear brand. How does sustainability align with your personal values?

I love the natural world. So, knowing that SEPTEMBER is all about eco-friendly production and sustainability makes me super proud to be their ambassador. It's the way every business should be doing!

Q. How did you connect with SEPTEMBER and what aspects of the brand philosophy attracted you to become a brand ambassador?

I first used SEPTEMBER swimwear while working for Surf Simply and absolutely love every piece of their collection! Their swimwear is fantastic in terms of fabric quality and functionality in the surf, and I also feel very beautiful in anything by SEPTEMBER. 

I love that SEPTEMBER uses a female owned and run manufacturer in Bali. 

Q.  Do you have a favorite piece of the SEPTEMBER collection?

I have many favorites! My current favorite piece of the collection is my Poppy Burnt Sienna Bikini!

Q. Lastly, what's your dream travel or surf destination that you have not yet been to?

I would love to travel to Senegal for surf! Additionally, I can't wait to return to the Himalayas for another big trekking adventure.

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