Exclusive Q&A with SEPTEMBER Founder, Erika Togashi

by Erika Togashi March 11, 2024 3 min read

As we gear up for the highly anticipated release of our SS24 collection, we caught up with SEPTEMBER's founder and creative director, Erika, to get the inside scoop on what inspired this season's designs and her personal favorites.

SEPTEMBER Sumatra Erika Togashi

Sumatra Surf Suit in Night/Salt coming May 1, 2024


Q. Where do you find inspiration for a new swimwear collection?

For me, the inspiration behind our SS24 'Island Time' swimwear collection was very personal. Designing so far in advance, I found myself drawn to the tranquil rhythms of Bali and Indonesia during the fall of 2022. Taking moments to slow down and savor the beauty of local waves, I spent cherished hours surfing with friends and exploring hidden spots off the beaten path. This journey reminded me that the most meaningful experiences often unfold right in our own backyard, leading me to infuse the collection with the genuine simplicity and joy I discovered along the way.

Q. How did you choose the colors and prints for the collection?

Choosing the colors and prints for our SS24 collection was a lot of fun, fueled by the vibrant beauty of Bali. Inspired by the vivid reds and pinks of Balinese hibiscus flowers and the captivating blue tones of the Indian ocean, you’ll see more vibrant colors and prints than in the past.

I wanted to create a cohesive and captivating visual story that highlighted the natural beauty of the archipelago. I’m incredibly excited and proud about our newest collaboration with LA-based artist Lauryn Alvarez who designed our custom Sun Ray Print, bringing an extra layer of joy and energy to the collection.

SEPTEMBER Sun Ray Punch Bikini

Q. Do you have a favorite piece of the new collection?

Ah, man, asking me to pick a favorite piece from our new collection is like asking a mom to choose her favorite child - impossible! I love them all! But if I had to narrow it down, my ultimate go-to for surfing has got to be the Sumatra surf suit. It's just unreal. Keeps me protected from the sun without budging an inch when I wipe out. Plus, the material? Pure Italian recycled ribbed fabric lined with our classic Italian ECONYL® fabric, both woven from ghost fishing nets! And I know, some women might hesitate with the high neck, but trust me, with our buttery ribbed fabric, you hardly notice it and it protects the most delicate part of your neck - the decollate. And we finally added those thumb loops - kicking ourselves we didn’t have them last year!

Now, on those days when the waves are a bit mellower and I'm not planning on being in the water all day, I’ve been loving the Topanga top and Lucky Bottoms in our new Powder Blue stripe, topped off with the Scorpion Sun Top in Indigo. Best combo, by the way!


SEPTEMBER Scorpion Top and Eros Bottom


Q. Lastly, what keeps you motivated as a designer?

All year long, I’m constantly capturing photos and jotting down notes of inspiring things around me. Yet, when it’s time to sit down and put pen to paper, I always experience a moment of panic, fearing I've exhausted my creative well. However, it merely takes some time for me to switch gears, don my creative hat, and once I start designing and get in the zone, all distractions fade away, and I end up overflowing with designs! What keeps me motivated is that I'm a creative through and through; it's ingrained in my blood and DNA. I can't quite pinpoint what drives me, but ultimately, I adore being creative and offering solutions that bring joy and improve people's lives

While I understand that as a swimsuit designer, I'm not saving the world, if I can design a swimsuit that inspires one woman to step outside, revel in the ocean, river, lake, pool, or even her backyard, and make her feel like the empowered, beautiful woman she is, then I consider my mission accomplished.

Thank you to the SEPTEMBER community for your continued support!
Erika X
SEPTEMBER friends on beach

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