Lombok - Behind the Scenes

Surfers: Karson Lewis, Mason Schremmer, Lola Schremmer

Photographer: Dmitrii Fedorov
Lombok, Indonesia - Behind the Scenes
June 2019



Pre-dawn man standing on roof of small fishing boat Indonesia
Pre-dawn friends holding a underwater camera on local fishing boat wu
pre-down empty waves in Indonesia
Sunrise local surf guide looking at wave with iphone in hand
Girls on local fishing boat after surfing Indonesia
Girl sitting on roof of local fishing boat after surfing wearing rash guard, two girls sitting inside boat
local fisherman with fishing poles sitting on edge of concrete dock in Indonesia
Surf guide throwing out the anker while girls paddling to wave Indonesia
Three girls sitting on surfboards in semi circle wearing rash guards
Three girls wearing rash guard surf bikinis sitting on bow of fishing boat after surfing
Man wearing black rash guard pouring water on camera water housing on fishing boat
Three girls and local surf guide smiling in front on surfboards
Two girls sitting on bow of fishing boat in surf bikini and rash guards
Two girls looking at their longboards after surfing wearing surf bikinis
Three women paddling into shore on their longboards
Two girls smiling in their surf one piece swimsuits
Woman smiling sitting at outside table wearing straw hat