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Collection nº5

For us, surfing is more than just the perfect wave. It’s the experiences, wipeouts, party waves and friendships formed in the lineup that lead us back to the ocean time and time again. 


We aspire to do all of that while feeling confident, strong and beautiful in the water without the distraction of suit failures or fit malfunctions. When we couldn’t find the suit that did this for us, one that matched our values (recycled materials, enduring quality, sustainably sourced, ethical manufacturers) we decided to create it ourself. 


Like surfing, each collection builds on the past experiences and newest learnings. Collection Nº5 continues our dedication to flattering designs for all women, suits that stay on regardless of wave size or activity. Our designs help the athlete feel beautiful, strong and confident when they are surfing, swimming or simply relaxing by the pool.



Tread A little Lighter



We want you to wear our swimsuits for years.  That’s why we use only the highest quality recycled fabric and ethical manufacturing for our swimsuits.


Our bikinis are crafted of luxury Italian material that uses 100% ECONYL® regenerated nylon which is 2x more durable than mainstream swimwear fabric. 


Durability equals sustainability. 


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