Behind the Art: Q&A with Lauryn Alvarez

by Erika Togashi May 14, 2024 3 min read

She’s the talented artist behind our Sun Ray print ─Lauryn Alvarez is known for her soulful artworks inspired by Southern California's landscapes.

"The print is inspired by my signature sun icon. The sun inspires me in many ways; whether I’m basking, playing, or simply living. Spreading the sun throughout my work is a way I like to show my appreciation for its warmth," says Lauryn.

Lauryn she shares insights into her artistic process, the inspiration behind her designs, and how her surroundings influence her artwork.



Can you share with us what initially sparked your passion for art and led you on the journey to becoming a professional artist?

My interest in art began as early as I can remember. Creating art has always been apart of who I am. I knew from a young age I always wanted to be an artist, whatever that looked like. I dabbled in various forms of creative expression as a child. I made drawings, painted, sculpted, sewed, filmed videos, took photos, wrote stories.

Being a professional artist really came natural to me. I would share my work on social media and people were interested in it and wanted more. It took a leap of faith pursuing art full time and it’s not always easy but I’m very grateful for this journey I’m on.


Describe a typical day in your life, from your creative process to how you find moments of inspiration? 

My routine varies greatly day to day. Recently though, my days have been starting slow. I’ve been enjoying laying around in bed for a while before getting ready for the day. Now that it’s springtime, I’ve loved listening to the birds first thing after waking up. It’s so peaceful and really grounds me heading into a work day. I’ve found painting first thing, pyjamas and all, has been such a nice way to get into the flow. I can paint free and without pressure or feeling like I’m clocking in to work.

I then try and get out in the early afternoon to catch some sunshine and enjoy nature.

I find it so crucial to my creative process and well-being in general to prioritize being outside as much as possible. 



Share three things you love about living in Southern California?

The scenery, the energy, and the weather.


Are you into surfing or other outdoor activities? Share your favorites with us!

Surfing and hiking are my go to outdoor activities! These both bring me so much joy and peace and are also such great bonding moments doing these things with people I love.


Is there a travel destination where you always head to recharge? 

I love spending time in Santa Barbara. It’s not too far and it’s so beautiful.


What advice would you give to aspiring artists who are looking to establish themselves in the art world?

Create art for yourself first. Take constructive criticism but don’t let the opinion of others affect you too much. Know your worth, consult others for business advice. Be open. Be okay with taking time away if you’re not feeling inspired. Be easy on yourself. Know that simply living life is enough and also fuels inspiration.


Thank you Lauryn!
Discover more of Lauryn's captivating art on her website and Instagram page and explore our latest collaboration print now available!



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