You've found the perfect location—the one that allows you to access a surf break with the shortest amount of travel time. Airfare is booked. The next to-do may seem daunting because it's your "What to Pack" List.

When you're at your home break, everything—including the kitchen sink—is often within a short distance. But when you're traveling, it's important to make a list and check it twice, remembering what's essential and what you can pick up or rent along the way. It's easy to overpack, and lugging your stuff around is sure to dampen your travels.

Woman wearing a ivory surf bikini top strapping down a surfboard to the top of a red toyota truck

We've put together the perfect checklist below to get you more stoked for your trip without the overwhelming to-do list.

What to Pack for a Surf Trip

Woman standing in grass field looking at the ocean holding a longboard surfboard wearing a surf bikini top and bottom in burnt sienna

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1. Reusable Water Bottle: As a sustainable brand, it's part of our mission to stop single-use plastic (click here to read more about our plastic-free hygiene liners). The average person uses 150 plastic water bottles a year, and plastic bottles are the largest contributor to freshwater pollution, which then feeds into the ocean (read more here). The solution—and one of the most underrated travel items—is to bring a reusable water bottle. It'll get you to your destination without being dehydrated or needing to continually hit the call button for the flight attendants who give you the smallest single-use plastic cup, and it's the perfect way to rehydrate after a long surf session.


2. Dry Sack: Have you ever noticed that on the last day of your trip, right before you have to board your flight, the surf gods line everything up, making it impossible to fly home without one more quick session? On those days, a dry sack will prevent your spare clothing from getting wet, allowing you to separate dry from wet gear. This is especially important if you pack everything into a backpack because it'll keep your back from getting wet, and everything will be packed away nice and tight so that you are comfortable, organized, and getting the most out of your trip.

3. Suncure: What's a surf trip without a couple of dings? There is no guarantee that there will be a shop near you that can repair those dings. Repairing them yourself will save you time and money in a lot of instances.


4. Additionals Fins (and Fin Keys): This falls along the same lines that, in some surf locations, a surf shop will not be right around the corner. To make life easier, remember to pack extra fins. You may break them or the conditions may change. That said, fin keys have a way of disappearing. Bring multiple keys, and stash them in various spots: board bag, book bag, shorts, etc. You'll be happy to spend more time in the ocean and less or no time searching for a surf shop.


5. Multiple Bathing suits: There's something to be said for having a fresh bathing suit, especially when the air is a little damp, cold, or during dawn patrol (especially before your first sip of coffee). Packing quick-dry bathing suits—and several of them—is essential to being comfortable during your trip.

Woman smiling crouching down surfing on a longboard wearing a one piece surf swimsuit in ivory

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Added note: Make sure you plan ahead by doing the following:

  • Check the water temperature so that you confidently bring the appropriate gear. No need to pack a hood and booties when the water is above mid-60s and vice versa.
  • Check the surf report. You don't want to bring your full quiver, so make sure you have the appropriate board set up for the conditions during your trip. Bringing an extra board is always a great option, and make sure you have appropriate board bags for traveling. No one ever said airlines are nice to surfboards.

Wherever your travels take you, we hope to see you out there.