Ethical Sustainable Swimwear | Plastic Free Hygiene Liners

by Erika Togashi August 29, 2018 1 min read

SEPTEMBER the Line is doing our part to end single-use plastic.  We are so excited to share a project we've been working on since before we launched - new plastic free biodegradable hygiene liners! It's one many steps towards creating more ethical swimwear in our line.

Biodegradable hygiene sticker on a surf bikini bottom in burnt sienna

Plastic hygiene liners have played their part in increasing environmental damage from plastic waste, but for us it is yesterday's news.  This change may seem small but every action matters when it comes to protecting our Mother Earth from more plastic. 

Woman cross stepping on a surfboard in a army green bikini

How it works

We are extremely committed to becoming as sustainable as possible - we use high performance recycled Italian fabric, recycled paper and PVC for our swing tags, and now we have developed biodegradable hygiene liners.  Each step helps bring us closer to eliminating single-use plastic.  When it comes to our design, business decisions, and environmental impact, we believe that less is more.  We see sustainability as not only an addition to our practices but our responsibility, identity, and the core of everything we do.

If you would like to read more about our sustainable practices, please click here.

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