Between paddling out, duck diving, wiping out (hey, it happens), or even just riding down the line, when it comes to surfing, the functionality of your swimwear is everything. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. We’ll admit, there are definitely some suits meant strictly for beach lounging. Leave those on the beach because there’s nothing worse than popping up only to find that you’re popping out.

Having the right gear can make a difference in how much you enjoy your next session. To help you focus more on catching waves and less on what your suit may no longer be covering...

What to Look for When Buying Surf + Swimwear

Woman laying on a surfboard looking over the wave wearing a surf bikini in burnt sienna

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Material + Fit.

The last thing any lady-slider wants to do is continue pulling up her bottoms or doing a bikini top check before popping back out of the water. Your bathing suit should be snug, like any compression gear, but not too tight. Check the brand’s sizing guide before ordering online to ensure you’re getting the proper fit. At SEPTEMBER, we made sure to keep you locked and loaded by making our suits from recycled nylon and woven with 22% Xtra Life Lyrca®—the perfect combo for function, style, and fit.

Woman walking into the ocean with surfboard wearing a rash guard and surf bikini bottoms


Finding the right surfwear is an investment both in time and money, so why not make it last? Look for swimwear that uses strong lining material. We line our swimsuits and bikinis with the same amazing Italian recycled nylon as the outer fabric to give you enhanced shape retention and durability. Durability = sustainability. Another thing to look for is how resistant your suit is to suntan location and if it has UV protection. Our swimwear checks both those boxes.

Woman smiling and laughing on a surfboard wearing a surf bikini in burnt sienna


To ensure maximum confidence and comfort, consider how much you want to show. If you’re opting for a two piece, look for bra-style straps or criss-cross straps, and if you want a classic triangle design, make sure the triangles don’t move. Whether you’re buying a one piece or bikini top, opt for a wide, thick strap, especially if you have a larger bust.

The bottom line to keeping your suit on during those bottom turns: wear swimwear that was created for surfing. A design made for surfing by surfers is a great way to ensure that you’ll stay in place in the ocean. We understand where design and function meet.

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