Rise Up + Kassia SURF + SEPTEMBER - Surf & Sound Retreat in Nicaragua

by Erika Togashi March 02, 2020 2 min read

group of 15 women wearing surf bikinis and one piece swimsuits standing on a beach with arms around each other some with their hands in the air

How does a person make dedicated "self-time" these days? Constant text messages, a longer and longer inbox, and nonstop social media can destabilize the best brain and soul. How, where and what to do to find wholeness?

After six hours on a plane and three hour car ride, I was in Northern Nicaragua ready to step into a week at Rise Up Surf Retreat with my collaborator, Kassia Meador.  Months earlier, Rise Up reached out to me wanting to connect with like-minded people and brands to do something unique. I was elated because I had already been following them and loved their creativeness and energy. Quickly, the idea of hosting an all female surf retreat that would be solely dedicated to helping re-balance, re-center, and re-ground was born.  Friend, fellow surfer, environmental enthusiast, and SEPTEMBER collaborator, Kassia Meador would be the ideal woman to co-host such a retreat. A retreat to focus on our feminine self - to breathe, surf, meditate, surf, share, listen, support, encourage, surf again, build and rebuild confidence, heal, and surf some more...what an ideal week lay ahead.

Kassia Meador 


Erika Togashi - Founder / Creative Director for SEPTEMBER the Line  


14 solo women arrived from all walks of life, ages (26-55+) and surf experience. Every woman came with her own personal reasons, hopes, needs, and goals.  We all had different surf experience and we all constantly helped and encouraged each other.  We gave each other our needed time and space - time to pause, breathe, think and remember why we were there and what's really important to each of us - whether it is a morning surf, spend more time with loved ones, more time alone, boundaries at work and out of work, reset that work/life balance, be kinder to ourselves, or surround ourselves with more positive people and information.  Kassia's powerful and awakening sound journeys, along with daily yoga, helped balance it all.  

Gloria, Loren, Jen, Jen & Theresa looking gorgeous in their SEPTEMBER suits & KassiaSurf Leggings

Nothing but laughs and smiles with this wonderful group of women. 


Erika Togashi - The Scorpion Top with UPF50 helping to protect from the strong Central American sun


In the week we had together, I found it so powerful to look around in the line up and see all the women who were now new-found friends cheering each other on without egos...What a unique blessing to be with all these women who exuded encouragement, smiles, support, sharing, listening and open hearts for each other and ultimately for themselves!

Group of 15 women wearing surf bikinis and one piece swimsuits standing and sitting on fishing boat in the mangroves

A moment to remember.  Such stunning women all wearing SEPTEMBER. 


Two woman smiling wearing a surf bikini and one piece swimsuit sitting on a boat

Kelly, Rise Up Surf Couch and Kassia

group of 15 women wearing surf bikinis and one piece swimsuits standing on a beach with arms around each other some with their hands in the air

I have so much love and thanks for Corina of Rise Up and Kassia Meador for making this collaborative week happen with such an amazing group of women and I look forward to sharing some party waves again soon!

All photos by Loren Bradley 

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