From coast to coast: Adventures in Lombok

In search of empty line ups, turquoise blue water and white sand beaches, we decided to take the long way.  The long way that took us by way of Lombok and we definitely were not complaining.  A tropical paradise with its deep blue oceans and jungle-clad vistas, that happened to be pretty dry and brown when we were there, Lombok was still an oasis of fun waves, good laughs and even better food. 

We decided to head to Lombok because Bali was having one of it's moments, where swell direction wasn't right, winds were too strong and the crowds were unbearable.  Also, we wanted some fun right handers...a rare commodity in Bali. 


Ambre wears the Honolua Top and Lilly Bottom & Ivy wears the Elena One Piece.


We took off during Ramadan season, which caused everything to occur at a much slower pace, which was part of our reason for wanting to escape craziness of Bali.  Despite cheap flights to Lombok, we wanted flexibility to explore the deserted coasts and empty breaks, so we opted for the overnight local ferry to Lombok. 


Ivy wears the James One Piece in Sunflower Yellow.

Ivy wears the Malibu One Piece in Black.

What should have been a 6-7 hour trip, door to door, turned into a 12+ hour ramble.  1 hour turned 2, turned to 3 hours simply waiting to board the ferry at Padang Bai.  Squeezed between precariously overloaded trucks, we finally boarded around 1:30am.  Grabbing some questionable mattress from the crew, we hauled ass up to the roof of the ferry and quickly fell asleep to the rumble of the engine and smell of diesel fuel.


Ivy wears the Honolua Top and Lilly Bottom in Ivory.


Foolishly hoping to catch a sunrise surf season in Lombok, we woke to realize we were sitting heavy in the Port of Lembar and waited patiently for our ferry's turn to dock.   

Ivy wears the Elena One Piece in Burnt Sienna.

Ivy wears the Eden Top and Lucky Bottom in Ivory.

Our days spent in Lombok were filled with long drives on dirt roads, new experiences and undiscovered views.   Compared to Bali's humid, lush, tropical landscapes, Lombok's was relatively dry & barren, with vast empty spaces and bare panoramic views. With our car and small boats, we scored secluded, beautiful and unusual spots to surf, protected from the wind, with clear waters and right-hand point breaks.


Ambre wears the Malibu One Piece in Ivory & Ivy wears the James One Piece in Sunflower Yellow.



Sunburnt and with bellies aching from laughing too much, we reluctantly headed back to the hustle and bustle of Bali, but knew we would soon return to Lombok for it had stolen a piece of our hearts. 


 Ivy wears the Eileen One Piece in Black.


Ivy wears the Eden Top & Lucky Bottom in Burnt Sienna.

~~Ivy wears the Infinite One Piece in Black.